Parathyroid surgery

The parathyroid gland consists of four organs the size of a lentil. They are located in close proximity to the thyroid gland. Even if the parathyroid glands are very small, they still have a vital role to play in regulating calcium metabolism.

If the parathyroid gland is overactive, more calcium is released from the bones into the bloodstream. This is called hyperparathyroidism (pHPT). The increasingly released calcium is missing in the bones and is deposited in other places in the body, for example in the kidneys and in the gallbladder, in the form of kidney stones or gallstones. But psychological changes also occur. Often patients report a pronounced tearfulness or a depressed mood.

We diagnose a parathyroid adenoma by means of endocrinological blood tests, an ultrasound of the parathyroid glands, a bone density measurement, as well as a special nuclear medicine imaging, scintigraphy. If there is a parathyroid adenoma caused by pHPT, surgical therapy is necessary. Similar to thyroid surgery, we also perform parathyroid surgery using the smallest possible incision above the cervical fossa. If possible, we also let this disappear in a pre-existing crease in the neck in order to achieve an optimal cosmetic result. By using special, very small instruments, we can operate in a particularly tissue-sparing manner.


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