Our specialized visceral surgery and Ayurvedic medicine practice in the RKM740 Interdisciplinary Specialized Clinic has been there for you since July 1st. Book your desired date easily using our online form. We are also happy to answer your questions by email or phone. We're looking forward to seeing you!


We offer you many years of specialized medical experience both in operative and conservative visceral surgery and in Ayurvedic medicine. We always critically question the usefulness of surgical therapy.  All necessary interventions take place in the clinic's own premises. If inpatient treatment is necessary, accommodation is provided in the high-quality patient rooms of our RKM 740 Interdisciplinary Specialized Clinic. In addition to our surgical expertise, we have a broad repertoire of Ayurvedic treatment and counseling options that can be combined with surgical treatment if desired.

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Health is feeling good. With an appealing ambience, we want to ensure that you can relax when you visit our private practice. Get to know us.