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Body, mind and soul – if we feel well on all levels, we are healthy in a holistic sense. Welcome, we are the Visceral-Surgery and Ayurveda Specialists in Düsseldorf. Comprehensive care in various areas, state-of-the-art diagnostics and innovative therapies are just as essential to our medical treatment as empathetic conversations and the activation of self-healing abilities.

Dr. med. Nina Picker

Specialist for

Visceral Surgery

“Taking you by the hand and guiding you through treatment without fear – that’s my credo.”

Specialist for

Ayurveda Medicine

“By combining conventional and complementary medicine, we develop a therapy together.”

Dr. med. Nina Picker

Specialist for

Visceral Surgery

My aim is to guide the patient through the treatment without fear.

Specialist for

Ayurveda Medicine

By combining conventional and complementary medicine, we jointly develop a therapy.

Our Specialities Visceral Surgery I Ayurveda Medicine

Due to our many years of specialist experience in both surgical and conservative Visceral Surgery, as well as Ayurvedic Medicine, we always critically question the usefulness of a surgical therapy.

If a surgical therapy is indicated, we will calmly explain to you how the intervention will be carried out and how the further treatment will proceed. All procedures take place in our clinic’s own facilities. If surgery requires inpatient care, you will also be accommodated in the RKM740’s own patient rooms.

All-round medical care is, of course, ensured here. Before the surgery, you will meet our anaesthesiological colleagues at an early stage, who will answer all your questions about the anaesthesia in a personal informative talk.

In addition to surgical expertise, we also offer a broad repertoire of Ayurvedic treatment and consultation options, which can be combined with the surgical treatment if desired.

Hernia Surgery

Surgical Proctology is part of our Visceral Surgery. Many people are affected by coloproctological diseases, which often lead to a considerable impairment of quality of life …

Gallbladder Surgery

Often they are an unnoticed companion, but often they trigger unpleasant abdominal pain: Gallstones. In the course of life, these stones …

Thyroid Surgery

Changes in the thyroid gland are common and can occur at any age. About one in three adults will develop a thyroid disease during their lifetime. …


The parathyroid gland consists of four organs about the size of a lentil and is located in the immediate vicinity of the thyroid gland. …

Conservative Spectrum

Do you suffer from unclear abdominal symptoms? Do you need a second opinion? Or are you looking for a qualified doctor for your tumour aftercare?  …

Vital Substance Infusion

Are you exhausted, stressed, tired all the time or vulnerable to infections? No wonder in our fast-paced times. Permanent excellence …


Literally translated, Ayurveda means “knowledge of life” and includes not only the teaching of illness and its treatment, but also all areas of life. …


Loosen blockages and bring the energy flow of your body back into balance with marma therapy. On the human body there are 108 main marma points …


In our Ayurveda Health and Cure Centre you will experience Ayurveda cures as medicine, therapy and wellness at the highest level …

Practice Tour

We have created an environment in our Practice that gives you the opportunity to move in a comforting and calming environment. Through specific accents, we use Vedic Architecture, as well as the healing effect of colours and art, to be able to activate self-healing powers. The quiet, minimalist rooms help you to feel secure and protected (safe-space).xxxxxxxx


Panchakarma Cures at the RKM740 at the Rhine kilometre 740

Dec 31, 2022 | Information

In our Ayurveda Health and Cure Centre you will experience Ayurveda cures as medical therapy at the highest level. Regenerate in the first competence centre for Ayurveda in the Rhineland.



Dr. med. Nina Picker
Pariser Str. 89
40549 Düsseldorf

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RKM740 Viszeralchirurgie und Ayurvedamedizin

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