Loosen blockages and bring the energy flow of your body back into balance with marma therapy.

Marma points

On the human body there are 108 main marma points and a multitude of other smaller marma points. These points are all connected to each other via energy pathways. Each point controls different processes in the body. If the energy flow in or through the marma points is disturbed, e.g. by a scar, illnesses or chronic complaints can arise.

Sukshma Marma Therapy®

The Sukshma Marma Therapy® according to Dr. Ernst Schrott that we use is a very gentle form of vital and energy point massage. Similar to acupuncture, we use marma treatment to remove unpleasant blockages and bring the body’s energy flow back into balance, starting from the treated points. Depending on the symptoms, the treatment is carried out in a certain sequence and duration, and we use a special marma oil depending on the constitution type (dosha) or symptoms.

Resting Phase

Each marma treatment is followed by a resting phase of about 20 minutes, during which the effect of the treatment deepens.
RKM740 Dr. med. Nina Picker, und ihrem charmanten Lachen in ihrer Praxis porträtiert.

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